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Why you should choose us

Cloudto.nl is esthablished in 2023 and does have prior experience in webhosting for over 15+ years!

Easy to manage

Cloudto.nl takes pride in providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for service management through our control panel. With just a few clicks you are able to perform adjustments, upgrades, relocations and more.

Own network

Cloudto.nl boasts its own state-of-the-art hardware and datacenters strategically located in the Netherlands and India. With our robust infrastructure, we ensure reliable and secure hosting solutions in our top-tier facilities which guarantees optimal performance and availability. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our in-house hardware and world-class datacenters.


We have implemented a dedicated ticket system to streamline our support process for all our plans. Rest assured that we prioritize prompt responses and aim to address your inquiries within a 48-hour timeframe. Additionally, we offer a convenient support channel on Discord, exclusively for our valued customers. Feel free to reach out to us there as well.

DDoS Protection


We are pleased to inform you that we provide an optional DDoS protection service at an additional cost of €79.99 per month. These enhanced security measures are particularly beneficial for your gameservers. This ensures that your clients are able to enjoy optimal latency and an exceptional in-game experience.

Our Services

Hosting services for your needs.


If you seek for a web hosting solution that allows you to host your website without requiring extensive technical expertise, look no further. Our user-friendly web hosting services are designed to cater to individuals or businesses who prioritize convenience in managing their online engagement.

LXC Container

Our Linux LXC containers provide the perfect environment for efficient execution of your programs while ensuring minimal resource consumption. Experience the flexibility and simplicity of Linux LXC containers for your specific needs within our control panel.


With KVM, you can harness enhanced performance and flexibility. You are able to customize your operating system according to your specific requirements. Experience the power and versatility of KVM for your virtualization needs.

Dedicated Server

Our dedicated server solution is the ideal choice if you require substantial power to efficiently run your applications or want to create multiple virtual servers. With dedicated servers, you can ensure optimal performance and scalability for your business needs with the necessary resources.

Managed Server

If you find yourself in need of our most advanced services but don't have the knowledge or time, our Managed Server solution is the perfect choice for you. With our 15+ years of knowledge and experience, we are able to manage the smooth operation and adjust to your needs when necessary.

DDoS Protection

Our dedicated team has developed an in-house anti-DDoS solution to ensure the safe guarding of your valuable services. We analyze all data packets to filter out any possible threats while still allowing legitimate packets to reach your services without any downtime.

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