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Why you should choose us

WE-T is esthablished in 2023 and does have experience in webhosting for over 15+ years!

Easy to manage

All our services are easy to manage inside our own made panel, You can reinstall, upgrade, start, stop, restart your services in couple of seconds.

Own network

WE-T does have their own AS network and datacenter located in the Netherlands, It is possible to have an BGP session with us


For all our plans we does have our ticket system for support we will respond within 48 hours, We can offer additional support plans!

DDoS protection


We can also offer DDoS protection for additional cost of €79,99 per month. Perfect for your gameservers to offer your clients the best latency and experience in-game.

Our Service

Hosting services for your needs.


If you only need to host your website without too much knowledge.

LXC container

Do you need lightweight linux container for running simple programs, This is perfect for you.


Do you need more power than LXC containers, Or just an custom Operating system, Then KVM is perfect for you.

Dedicated server

You need a lot of power to run your apps, Or you just want to create more virtual servers then dedicated servers is perfect for you.

Managed Server

If you have no knowledge, Or you just want to let WE-T manage your services. Then Managed server is the perfect solution.

BGP services

Do you have your own IPv4/IPv6 space and you want to use this on your services? This is possible with our BYOIP system with no additional cost.

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